Where can I read the manifestos in full?

The manifestos used to create this quiz were the PDF versions found below (links last checked 1st December 2019):

Why are some parties included/not included?

The parties included are cross-UK parties, which currently have sitting MPs or MEPs.

Regional parties (e.g. SNP, Plaid Cymru, Sinn FĂ©inn, DUP) aren't included because their regional policy focus is a bit of a give away for the quiz. The most well-known cross-UK parties currently without sitting MPs or MEPs are probably UKIP, the Women's Equality Party and the Monster Raving Loony Party. Whilst The Independent Group For Change (aka Change UK) currently have 5 sitting MPs, it is only fielding 3 candidates, all in England.

We needed some criteria to make sure the list wasn't too long, but we're very open to feedback on whether these were the right ones.

How did you choose the quotations?

There are five quotations from each party's manifesto. They were selected according to five categories: Brexit/EU, Health, Crime, Education and Environment. These categories were based on the Ipsos Mori Issues Index and YouGov research into top issues for the UK public. The quotations are all between 10 and 30 words long. Policies that had seen high press coverage or that go by a specific name (e.g. 'Withdrawal Agreement', 'National Education Service', 'Green New Deal') were avoided (as of 4th December 2019).

The aim of these criteria were to make the quotation selection even-handed, and the resulting quiz interesting.

Do you store anything about me?

No. We don't store personal data.

We do store the quiz anwers given to us with an anonymous id, and if you choose to let us know your party affiliation, we'll store that with the same anonymous id. But we have no way of tracing that back to you and we'd never want to.

We're storing the results to see if we can learn something about how well understood parties' manifestos and beliefs are. If we do learn anything, we'll make it freely available.

Is this site party affiliated/backed/some kind of conspiracy?

Nope. It's made by one politics nerd with no secret plan.

How is the quiz made?

It's a web app using Python, Flask and PostgreSQL. The code is open sourced on GitHub.

When does the voting happen/when is this all over?

The UK General Election is on Thursday 12th December. Find out who you can vote for or where your polling station is.