Why isn't the Conservative party listed?

The Conservative party didn't release a manifesto for the EU elections 2019 or any equivalent document. As this quiz is based on the 2019 EU manifestos, there was nothing to use for the Conservative party. It seemed a bit mean to include a button for an answer that would never be right, so we left it off.

What did you use for the Brexit Party and Change UK manifestos?

The Brexit Party published a 'Pledge Card', and Change UK published a 'Charter for Remain'. Neither of these were called manifestos by the party, but did set out their intentions for the EU elections as a centralised, national party and so seemed equivalent for use in the quiz.

Do you store anything about me?

No. We don't store personal data. We do store the quiz anwers given to us with an anonymous id, and if you choose to let us know your party affiliation, we'll store that with the same anonymous id. But we have no way of tracing either back to you and we'd never want to. We're storing the results to see if we can learn something about how well understood parties' manifestos and beliefs are. If we do learn anything, we'll make it freely available.

How is the quiz made?

It's a web app using Python, Flask and PostgreSQL.